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You are invited to explore the regional inns of Małopolska. Though before you dip your spoon into a bowl of food and raise it to your mouth, think about the past and listen for sounds of olden times, the creaking of wheels at the roadhouse, the clinking of cooper pots. Think of those
who used to revel here and of their histories inscribed along the „Gourmet Routes”. Such inns as “Antolka”, “Rzym”, “Siwy Dym”, “Bartna Chata”, “Regietów”, and “Sywor” represent the many
styles and specialties of various hidden spots within the region. The list of recommended restaurants found at the end of the book allows you to plan your own route tastily seasoned with the tourist attractions of Małopolska
Traditional Polish hospitality surprises many travelers visiting Poland, but Poland has been known for
this for centuries. This amiable trait is considered by foreign guests as typical of Slavic nations.
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